25 February 2010

Emiri Miyasaka is controversial again with her semi-nude photos circulating online

Emiri Miyasaka was Japan's representative to the Miss Universe pageant last year in the Bahamas. I guess, she was the most publicized delegate that year because of the success of her predecessors in this pageant. Being a trainee of Ines Ligron, Japan's Miss Universe franchise-holder, she was touted to become one of the finalists but in the finals, her name was never called onstage. It was one of the shocking highlights of Miss universe 2009 which was won by Venezuela's Stefania Fernandez.

Before the pageant, Emiri became controversial among pageant fans around the world which irked the Japanese people later on, when our blog, Beauty in Pageants, made a comment that she was like a porn star in her national costume - an shortened Kimono exposing her panty.

The Japanese people called the costume a disrespectful of the Japanese culture. Subsequently, the pressure forced the people behind the dress to alter it.

After almost a year, the controversial Japanese beauty queen is now again in the spotlight. She posed half-naked for a Japanese magazine showing some skin. In the photos, her breasts are slightly visible. View the said photos below.


  1. I'm a pageant lover, but let me just say...pageants aren't the same anymore. Sadly the "bad" girls enter them, only wanting to gain fame, or in this case and other pose semi or full nude. Which gives them more publicly, and takes all the meaning about a pageant. That really irks me ; ^ (

  2. Right, only the pageants can use these girls for promotion. How bad it is of the girl to use her own body for promotion. it is her body and the nude body is beautiful too and if she wants to show it than that is her right as a woman.

  3. She is sexy, but it's not to be appreciated. She should be completely nude. I'd like to see that!!!! HOT!!! I would like that!