31 July 2009

Miss Japan Emiri Miyasaka's Atrocious National Costume will be ALTERED!

We have a latest news coming from Japan and I guess this is a good news especially for the Japanese who were disappointed and disrespected by the atrocious national costume of Miss Japan Universe 2009 Emiri Miyasaka showing a little flesh or looking like a porn star.

Bloomberg reported that IBG Japan, which operates the local Miss Universe contest, is making an adjustment with the costume. The decision came after the black kimono outfit Emiri had chosen was criticized as too revealing.

“Considering the opinions we got from many supporters and other people concerned, we decided to make the hemline of the costume longer," IBG Japan posted yesterday in their website.

Our blog, Beauty in Pageants, reported first this which was picked up by other blogs, forums and sites.

On the other hand, we have heard from a source that Emiri will be arriving in Bahamas tomorrow (Bahamas time), August 1st, via United Airlines. This is in contrast with what Ines Ligron, director of Miss Japan Universe, had bragged about in her blog.

Ines mentioned in her blog that Emiri will be flying from Miami to Bahamas with a private helicopter. We'll know the real score tomorrow.