29 June 2009

Poonam Mehni, Miss India Worldwide UK, is a picture of Elegance

During the finals of the 18th Annual Miss India Worldwide in Durban, South Africa which was held on a Valentines Day, 14 February 2009 at the International Convention Center, there was one Indian beauty that caught our attention. She is no other than the representative of UK, Poonam Mehni.

Poonam, Miss India Worldwide UK 2009, is a picture of elegance like most Indian beauties. Although, Poonam did not win the title in South Africa (Nikkitasha Marwaha of USA won the Miss India Worldwide 2009.), the experience helped her showcased her talents. For her, being a part of the pageant is already an opportunity because Miss India Worldwide and Miss India Worldwide UK are based on a hybrid of talent, speech and beauty.

To read more about Poonam, you can check this LINK.

Now that Miss India Worldwide UK is calling for interested applicants to join the pageant, Poonam has to face the reality that she has to pass her crown to her successor.

According to its official website, Miss India Worldwide UK is an event for those of Indian origin between the ages of 17 and 27, never married, and are citizens, residents, or born in Britain. The pageant consists of four segments: Evening Gown, Indian Dress, Talent and Question-Answer. The winners of all the various national pageants from all over the world vie for the glamorous and prestigious title of the Miss India Worldwide.

 Poonam Mehni at the Miss India Worldwide 2009 pageant in South Africa.