26 September 2008

Recycled Gowns and National Costumes for Misses Philippines

When the Philippine representatives to international pageants started to dress by a Colombian famous designer, the Filipino beauty pageant fans started to cry dissatisfaction as manifested in almost all beauty pageant forums. Obviously, they are not happy with the thought of having a foreigner dressing their own representative. For them, it is a clear insult to the ingenuity of the Filipino people. The abundance of local talents who have better gown creations and ideas is put into waste.

The Colombian designer is Alfredo Barraza, a long time friend of the Philippine National Director for Misses Universe, World and International - Stella Marquez Sawadzky Araneta. Stella Araneta is a native of Colombia who became the first winner of Miss International in 1960. This explains her connection to Barraza.

One of the reasons of the clamour is the fact that they are just recycling the gowns and national costumes of the Misses Philippines every year. I said this is a fact because I myself seen these recycled gowns and national costumes.

This is Karen Loren Agustin during the 2002 Miss Universe pageant in Puerto Rico. The gown looks good on Karen who also carried the gown amazingly.

In 2006, in Los Angeles, California, Lia Andrea Ramos wore the same gown in one of the Miss Universe functions.

That same year (2006), it was again wore by Denille Lou Valmonte during the Miss International pageant in Japan.

After barely two months, it was again seen at the 2006 Miss World in Poland. This time it was Ana Maris Igpit who took it center stage.

Moving on to national costume, this is Miriam Quiambao during the 1999 Miss Universe pageant in Trinidad and Tobago. She ended up first runner up.

In 2001 in Japan during the Miss International pageant, Maricarl Tolosa sported it. She went on unplaced.

In Panama during the 2003 Miss Universe pageant, Carla Gay Balingit wowed the audience with her pineapple-inspired costume. Let's reverse it this time. She was unplaced.

In 2005 during the Miss International pageant in Japan, Precious Lara Quigaman wowed the judges with same national costume and she went on to win the title as Miss International 2005.

Also in that same year (2005) at the Miss Universe pageant in Bangkok, Thailand, Gionna Jimenez Cabrera delighted the universe with a Maria Clara-inspired costume. She made it to the Top 5 Best in National Costume.

That following year in the Miss International 2006 in Japan, Denille Lou Valmonte did not only wear the infamous red gown initially wore by Karen Loren Agustin but she also tried this national costume wore by Gionna Cabrera in the Miss Universe e2005 .

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