21 September 2008

Record Holders of Miss Universe Pageant

Let's take a look at these three beauty queens who had the highest scores in the history of the Miss Universe pageant with judges' scores revealed on TV. Who is the highest in Swimsuit, Evening Gown or Final Night's Preliminary Interview?

The gorgeous Carolina Gomez of Colombia sashayed in the elegant evening gown number in Manila, Philippines in 1994 earning her an average of 9.897.

The brilliant and eloquent Lara Dutta of India wowed everyone in her replies to the initial interview of semifinalists in Nicosia, Cyprus in 2000. This earned her a near perfect score of 9.95.

In the swimsuit category, a previous record of 9.85 swimsuit average score by Veruzka Ramirez of Venezuela (1998, Hawaii, USA) was broken when the breathtaking Oxana Federova of Russia began her phenomenal walk during the swimsuit competition in Puerto Rico (2002). Oxana got a whopping average score of 9.88!