27 April 2009

Miss California controversy shows society at its worst

It was a shameful performance that took place on the Miss California stage last Sunday. One of the finalists was asked a loaded question, she answered and was booed, then later verbally attacked by the same Internet blogger who posed the question to her in the first place.

Carrie Prejean, who did not win the title, was asked by celebrity blogger/judge Perez Hilton about her views on same-sex marriage. To the shock of Hilton, and apparently the audience, Prejean answered the question honestly. She told the audience that she meant no offense, but that she believed marriage was between a man and a woman. Boos rained down on her and Hilton screwed his face into a disgusted look.

Later, on his web blog and in interviews, Perez called her the "b" word, among other things. He ranted and raved about Prejean's answer.

Prejean said she knew immediately that she had lost the competition, but believed it more important to tell the truth.

It doesn't matter what a person's view on same-sex marriage is, no one should be treated like Prejean for speaking from the heart. She wasn't preaching, just answering a question posed to her. Instead of giving the typical politically correct beauty pageant response, she said what she believed.

The fool in all of this is Hilton. He's continuing to rant about this incident, and many in the gay community want him to shut up. They know he's out of line, even if they disagree with Prejean's opinion.

Too many Americans cannot stand to have someone express views counter to their own. Instead of disagreeing and making a case for their own beliefs, they demean the person holding an opposing viewpoint. Usually people attacking in this way are mean-spirited to be sure, but also clearly don't have the mental acumen to make an argument for whatever they believe in.

Liberals and conservatives, and too many people in between, seem to prefer to scream at each other and try to one-up the other by taking personal shots at them. It's disgusting, but a lot of Americans must love it because they keep tuning in to the web sites and talk shows from which this trash flows.

Prejean appears to be a smart woman and is in the early stages of making a career as the beauty queen who stood up and spoke her mind even when she knew it would hurt. We wish more people would quit fearing retribution and say what's on their minds. Our country would be stronger if they did.