26 August 2008

Rosarita Tawil - Miss Lebanon 2008

Do you remember what I have written previously about a Miss Lebanon scandal? The scandal involves just the proliferation in the internet of her racy shots. It may not be a scandal for some but in a Muslim country like Lebanon, it's a big deal. Well, its classification as a scandal is all depends on what culture you have grown up. Unfortunately, the lady is from a strict country where posing topless is viewed as a big NO and disrespectful.

We are talking about the ultimate winner of this year's Miss Lebanon. She is the beautiful Rosarita Tawil, 20 years old, who was crowned last 11 July 2008 by beating 17 beautiful Lebanese beauties.

Rosarita will compete in Miss World pageant but this latest drama in her life is surely to affect her. It may help her get noticed by the judges or worse, it may cost her the victory. But realistically speaking, this is a big risk for her. How many times have we seen beauty queens being stripped of their titles because of some sorts of scandal? How many times deserving ladies have been a backstage queen for having this kind of dilemma? Many times! But we can never tell. All we have to do is to hope and wish.

How the pictures have resurfaced in the net is a big mystery. No one knows until now who is the culprit behind this. But from conversations with Lebanese friends, one theory is that sour-graping beaten contestants are behind this. It was done out of jealousy. But how would the pictures get in to the hands of these jealous ladies? No one can confirm.

I have been reading a Lebanese discussion board and one of the hot topics in that board is how Rosarita managed to have herself photographed in that kind of posing. It's really a question and this is being used as a point of argument to degrade the lady. We can't help since that is their thinking. But as one poster has mentioned, "today is the new age."

The shots could have been taken by one of Rosarita's boyfriends. It's possible. Rosarita has never talked about this issue. But the question is how the pictures managed to take off from her boyfriend if it is indeed her boyfriend who took the shots.

Well, as for my own punto de vista, I don't consider the thing a scandal although it is an issue for moralists. We did not see Rosarita totally nude and those pictures were just taken out for fun. It is supposed to be for personal consumption but unluckily these were taken out from the closet with the obvious reason to degrade or pull down the woman. Whoever posted those pictures in the internet is something we can't define as of the moment.

The lesson we have learned in this situation is to be more careful with our naughty private lives. We have to think twice or hundred times with our actions especially when we are facing digital and video cameras.

This drama will subside sooner or later but there is a reality it opened to us. Lebanon, being a Muslim country, although there is a Christian minority there, is still not totally liberal when it comes to stuff like this. We still can see that the traditional values of the country is still living within this generation.

To Rosita, you are beautiful. I wish the best for you.


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  3. Just wanted to say that Lebanon IS NOT a muslim country. You can't compare Lebanon with Syria or Saudi Arabia. There are christians AND muslims in that country.

  4. i agree with above Lebanon is not a muslim country

  5. Thank you very much for the information 2 anonymous. I stand corrected.

    Though there are Christians in Lebanon, it is a common knowledge that the majority in the country are Muslims. This is the point why we outside Lebanon view the country as a Muslim country. But I take your points. Thank you for that.


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  8. I am French and Lebanese, and I can tell you that this country is not only Muslim. In its culture, it is totally different from the other arab coountries. Moreover, this country was created for the Maronites.

  9. Stop Dreaming... Please narrow your focus and interest to France ... That's where you belong...While at it, take all your narrow minded group out of Lebanon and make sure you all stay OUT… Hatred is a disease flourishing in the maronites blood. The disease cells increases and multiply every time a maronite hear the sounds of Muslims or words of Arabic, (It’s been scientifically proven – Look in the Mirror). 80% of maronite left for the same reason, they got tired of nourishing the disease, acknowledging and accepting the fact that they don’t belong and never they will… Your parents apparently wised up and gave you a chance, they didn’t want you to grow up with the “Maronite Hate Disease” that you currently suffer from…You should be grateful and appreciative of their attempt to heal you. Look in your innersole and you will realize there is no benefit in nourishing your disease. All Lebanese will pray for you to heal and stay very farrrrrrr away…

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  10. I didn't read and will not read more than 4 lines of your article, to tell you GO TO HELL, Lebanon is not a Muslim Country.

  11. For Muslim Lebanese, they call Lebanon a Muslim country. For Christian Lebanese, they call their country Moslem country.

    60% of Lebano are Muslim. 35% are Christian. 95% of Lebanon are Arabs. So what does that mean. You are a Moslem country.

    Your roots will always be Muslim.

  12. well i stand amazed in front of your stupid comment Mr. Lebanon-is--a muslim-country, see? the one who should visit www.whydowehate.org is you.. i am lebanese and it happens that i live in lebanon, and i read the history of my country, and no lebanon is not muslim, and that's why the president is still christian.. or maybe the muslims are very large minded, they know the country is theirs but they let their president be christian out of courtesy toward the 35% christians who live there, it's weird if we look on the other muslim countries surrounding lebanon where christian live but they don't have rights... anyway u seem not very well versed on our history.. so pls get some extra information before opening your mouth..

  13. and by the way, the number of ppl never made a country it's the quality.. 60% are muslims because each muslim family procreates 12 children at least while the christian family has 3 yo 4 children maximum.. goi figure..

  14. i just wanted to say that if it weren't for the christian lebanese no one would ever bothered to visit lebanon. why? because all you muslems are non educated people who think being dirty and dressing unfashionably is the best way to live...

  15. Lebanon was never a muslim country
    and never will be ...
    we are here and still as christian country ..and who said posing naked is wrong girls can go to some beaches as top less and the tanga ( string ) swim suites is a fashion hit nowadays
    and next time chack from beirut to batroun the most amazing places to visit are owned by christians


  17. Dear fucking idiot,
    go read a history book and learn a little bit about the history of the world you ignorant retarded redneck piece of american shit.

    Lebanon IS a Christian country and always will be despite muslim parties trying to take over the country...Also, FYI, the president of the republic is Christian and has always been in Lebanon.

    Furthermore, if your country thinks that Porn is a culture worth being displayed on your tv and you gave them power to turn them into multi million dollar industries, such as Playboy, then that is your goddadmn fucking problem...if your people are stripped from values and principles, it is not a reason to "dictate" and conclude that strippgin and posing topless in Lebanon is a big NO...no you fucking idiot, how would you feel if your lovely beautiful 15 year old daughter was posin topless for all to see and drool on? yep...ddnt think so...go read faggot. delete the blog dickhead, you deserve everything that has been said on that blog so far and much much more for your ignorance you monolinguistic fucking dog...hamburger culture pff go figure

  18. I am Muslim and Lebanese and I want to support the guys that are saying that Lebanon is not a muslim country....
    Lebanon is this special country that belong to Muslims, Christians, Druze and all the other minorities...
    and the biggest proof is the civil war in 1975 ...
    and im sure you (who is saying that lebanon is a muslim country ) is not lebanese and maybe never been there..
    and for the record.. there are educated muslims and there are uneducated christians .. so education doesnt belong to one religion/ sect...

  19. Hello my dear friends, I'm not a fucking lebanese and damn proud of it. You people hate on your own based on religion and some even support fascist parties cause you hate tooo much on each other. Seriously you should be ashamed of yourself for being soo narrowminded and rascist! Gosh Lebanon has some big issues that need to be sorted out immediately because you are going to start a war again on each other. Ps. The lebanese forces can go fuck themselves.