26 August 2008

Rosarita Tawil - Miss Lebanon 2008

Do you remember what I have written previously about a Miss Lebanon scandal? The scandal involves just the proliferation in the internet of her racy shots. It may not be a scandal for some but in a Muslim country like Lebanon, it's a big deal. Well, its classification as a scandal is all depends on what culture you have grown up. Unfortunately, the lady is from a strict country where posing topless is viewed as a big NO and disrespectful.

We are talking about the ultimate winner of this year's Miss Lebanon. She is the beautiful Rosarita Tawil, 20 years old, who was crowned last 11 July 2008 by beating 17 beautiful Lebanese beauties.

Rosarita will compete in Miss World pageant but this latest drama in her life is surely to affect her. It may help her get noticed by the judges or worse, it may cost her the victory. But realistically speaking, this is a big risk for her. How many times have we seen beauty queens being stripped of their titles because of some sorts of scandal? How many times deserving ladies have been a backstage queen for having this kind of dilemma? Many times! But we can never tell. All we have to do is to hope and wish.

How the pictures have resurfaced in the net is a big mystery. No one knows until now who is the culprit behind this. But from conversations with Lebanese friends, one theory is that sour-graping beaten contestants are behind this. It was done out of jealousy. But how would the pictures get in to the hands of these jealous ladies? No one can confirm.

I have been reading a Lebanese discussion board and one of the hot topics in that board is how Rosarita managed to have herself photographed in that kind of posing. It's really a question and this is being used as a point of argument to degrade the lady. We can't help since that is their thinking. But as one poster has mentioned, "today is the new age."

The shots could have been taken by one of Rosarita's boyfriends. It's possible. Rosarita has never talked about this issue. But the question is how the pictures managed to take off from her boyfriend if it is indeed her boyfriend who took the shots.

Well, as for my own punto de vista, I don't consider the thing a scandal although it is an issue for moralists. We did not see Rosarita totally nude and those pictures were just taken out for fun. It is supposed to be for personal consumption but unluckily these were taken out from the closet with the obvious reason to degrade or pull down the woman. Whoever posted those pictures in the internet is something we can't define as of the moment.

The lesson we have learned in this situation is to be more careful with our naughty private lives. We have to think twice or hundred times with our actions especially when we are facing digital and video cameras.

This drama will subside sooner or later but there is a reality it opened to us. Lebanon, being a Muslim country, although there is a Christian minority there, is still not totally liberal when it comes to stuff like this. We still can see that the traditional values of the country is still living within this generation.

To Rosita, you are beautiful. I wish the best for you.