02 June 2009

Miss Singapore "Scandal" - Rachael Kum's Racy Pictures

Rachael Kum, Miss Singapore 2009 and her country's representative to the Miss Universe 2009 pageant to be held in the Bahamas is facing hard time with fans who are not happy on her for winning the crown.

Mostly Singaporean fans, as I have seen on different forums and discussions, are really very vocal about their sentiments on the beauty queen. They say that Rachael should not have won because of her questionable integrity.

Well, this is only a statement I have read from the forums and not my own judgment. I believe that comments from other fans can't fully support the claim that Rachael is not a good role model.

But there are some "racy" pictures of Rachael showing her naughty moments that "might" support the sentiments of the fans. These are actually sent to us and when we checked Rachael Kum's blog, these said pictures are actually posted in her pages.

I leave the judgment to our readers - that's you.

The first picture shows Rachael standing beside a penis mascot and she's making gestures as if she's biting the head.

In the second picture, look at the bottom left corner, Rachael is with another woman in a position suggesting homosexuality.

Lastly, the third picture shows Rachael wearing a costume while a "doll" is in front of her as if she is getting an oral sex.

Is Rachael Kum a lesbian? I don't know that. How about you? What can you say?