12 May 2009

Miss La Paz Maria Laura Nietch is barred from Miss Bolivia 2009

Beauty pageant scandals and controversies continue to heat up after a winner of Miss La Paz (capital of Bolivia, a landlocked country in the South America) was barred to join the Miss Bolivia 2009 by the Gloria Promociones, the pageant organizer.

Maria Laura Nietch, 18, was supposed to join the Bolivia's national pageant that will select their representative to the Miss Universe to be held in the Bahamas on August 23. But the pageant organizer contested that Nietch is not eligible to compete because she is not a Bolivian but an Argentinian national.

Originally, Nietch migrated from Argentina but she has been living for 15 years in Bolivia.

The only good news for Nietch was the decision of the organizers to keep her as the official winner of Miss La Paz 2009. She can continue her title and will go straight to Miss Bolivia 2010 if her Bolivian citizenship will be dealt with.

According to La Razon, Nietch does not have dual citizenship but she was already in the process of nationalization. Her nationalization was delayed by bureaucratic procedures.

Her runner up, Pamela Chavarria of Illimani, will go on as Seniorita La Paz in the Miss Bolivia pageant which will be held on May 15 in Sucre.