29 July 2008

Racy Pictures of Miss Lebanon - Rosarita Tawil

The prize of becoming a well-known, being a celebrity or a beauty queen for that matter, is the fact that you are exposing yourself - down to every single details - to the public who will be like your stalker. This is  a nightmare but this is true. This is madness.

There is one thing we should imbibe in us before taking the first step of becoming a beauty queen or a public figure. Delete all our files we are having in the internet like from those in social networking sites  like Facebook, Friendster, etc.  Most of us love to post pictures and neglect to delete it at times we were supposed to do it.

Just take this case of a Miss Lebanon - Rosarita Tawil. After she won, racy pictures of her taken obviously in her private moments surfaced in the internet.