27 July 2008

Most Hyped Miss Universe 2008 Candidates

Below is the list of the most hyped five unplaced candidates of the Miss Universe 2008:

1. PUERTO RICO - She's no doubt the most hyped unplaced Miss Universe 2008 candidate. Right after her national pageant, she stole the limelight by accusing fellow candidates of spraying pepper in her evening gown and to her make up which made her face swollen during the final part of the pageant. She was in the pages of newspapers side by side with the owner of the Miss Universe, Donald Trump. In a Puerto Rican discussion board, her fans were busy praising every little details about her gown to her hairstyle. Her fans were busy as well bashing and trashing other candidates in an effort to lift Ingrid Rivera. But the tactics did not work this time for this 2005 Miss World Second Runner-Up. She did not deserve the hype.

2. INDIA - Because of the sash factor (India became a beauty superpower only in the nineties); her seemingly rehearsed and pageant patty interview; and her inclusion in the Top Ten Best in National Costume chosen by Vietnamese judges, she was in everybody's list, including me. A newspaper even reported in her country that she won the National Costume award even before the announcement of the real winner. Too bad, she had a very poor swimsuit and evening gown presentations. She did not also deserve the hype.

3. IRELAND - The amount of hyping on Miss Ireland is no match on the hypes on both Puerto Rico and India. Ireland was hardly noticed by the press covering the pageant but she did impress the eyes of all the beauty afficionados all over the world as manifested by almost all discussion boards on beauty pageants. She showed an impressive performance during the preliminary but she failed to break in to the Top 15. She deserved the hype, she should has been a finalist.

4. BRAZIL - She is not the prettiest face her country usually send to any international pageant. She's an ordinary Brazilian if you're in her country. In fact, the pageant went through without much media attention on her. But there was an effort by a number of Brazilian based websites and discussion boards in Latin America to help her get media mileage. In an effort to hype her, an article was quoted saying Miss Brazil made the biggest surprise at the preliminary. Indeed, she was a surprise at the Final night for not placing on the Top 15. The hype was not picked up. She definitely did not deserve the hype.

5. THAILAND - The inclusion of Thailand in the Top 15 or 20 for the last two years (Thanks to Singha beer for being a sponsor of the pageant) helped this year's Thai representative get enough media attention. Like Puerto Rico, she was in everybody's list. Her fans emulated also the tactics of most of the Latin Americans of bashing other candidates in an attempt to make their candidate looks the best or superior in the pageant. She did not make it. She deserved it without a doubt.

Miss Universe 2008, Dayana Mendoza in her national costume during the pageant in Vietnam.

Below is the list of the most hyped Miss Universe 2008 candidates who penetrated the Top 15:

1. VENEZUELA - The sash factor worked on Dayana Mendoza, a priviledge Venezuela has been enjoying since the eighties. Half of the world's beauty pageant fanatics predicted her as the winner. She was given favouritism during the pageant especially during a parade that required half of the candidates to wear the Vietnamese tradidtional dress, the Ao Dai. Dayana was the priority of the press covering the event for interviews and picture takings. Afterall, she deserved it.

2. COLOMBIA - Talia Vargas ahs been in every pages of all beauty pageant forums. Her fans did well with their hyping. But, all in all, Miss Colombia did a very strong preliminary performance. She had the best gown in the pageant and I really love it. She carried the gown very well. Too bad, she did not win but she deserved all the efforts to hype her.

3. JAPAN - Having a national director who has a very popular blog discussing about her, Hiroko Mima was indeed overhyped by Ines Ligron and her followers unintentionally. Ines is such a good person and she did it in good faith, I still believe. There is no doubt that Miss Japan deserved her placement on the finals but the hyping on her just went overboard.

4. KOSOVO - How many times you've seen a Miss Kosovo at teh Miss Universe? Only this year. That idea made her the apple of the eyes of all the beauty pageant fanatics. Aside from that fact, she is no doubt one of the prettiest faces in the competition. Her look is unconventional and she has resemblance to Angelina Jolie, a popular Hollywood actress. Well, she deserved the hype.

5. AUSTRALIA - Her resemblance to her fellow Australian Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins made Miss Australia a top favourite to win the crown. She was indeed a favourite topic in all forums. Though she did not display outstanding preliminary performances, she made it to Top 15. I can say, she deserve the hype afterall.

To complete my TOP 15 MOST HYPED 2008 Miss Universe candidates, I am including in my list the countries of Mexico, Panama, Peru, Kazakhstan, Norway and Trinidad and Tobago.

Based also on my observation, the people of Latin America and the Caribbean especially Brazil, Mexico and Puerto Rico tend to overhype their representatives. They are prolly beauty fanatics in its true meaning as vindicated by their performances year after year.

Well, it is not that bad to hype especially if there are no bashing and trashing of other candidates.