11 February 2010

Who killed Miss Russia and Miss Zambia?

Videos of the preliminary competitions of the evening gown and swimsuit of Miss Universe 1999 in Trinidad and Tobago became the hottest discussion in pageant forums last week. It took me a decade searching for the video because I wanted very badly to see the infamous fall onstage of Miss Philippines Miriam Quiambao during the long gown competition. Miriam was the 1st runner-up.

Beauty in Pageants would like to thank karangolos of Peru for uploading the said video on youtube.

But what really caught my attention was not the tripping onstage of Miriam (we all know she handled the fall gracefully) but the memories of Miss Russia Alexandra Petrova and Miss Zambia Esanju Kalopa. Both beauty queens are now deceased.

Alexandra Petrova was shot to death by an unidentified man in her apartment in Russia in 2000. Esanju Kalopa, on the other hand, died in a vehicular accident in 2005.

I can't just imagine that these beautiful ladies who captured our eyes died so young. What a tragic death.

Watch the video clip to see Miss Russia (3:090) and Miss Zambia (9:53)

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