01 September 2008

More on Falling Beauty Queens

Late 1990's will always be remembered as the year when beauty queens are falling on stage. Miriam Quiambao will always hold the most famous fall of them all- well at least as of now. I mentioned in my last post that Miss Ghana fell also in the Miss World 1998 but don't forget another lady in that same year almost fell while congratulating the winner. She's also from Ghana in the Miss Universe 1998 in Hawaii. Her name is Francisca Baafour Awuah.

Miss Ghana pushed Veruska Ramirez and to newly elected Miss Universe Wendy Fitzwilliam while trying to congratulate her. It's a good thing she was held in the shoulder by the new Miss Universe that prevented her from falling and more embarassment.

The fall almost happened also to Miss France Emmanuelle Chossat in 2003 in Panama. This occurred during the dress rehearsal that was opened to the audience hours before the final contest of the Miss Universe.

And if you think this started only during the late nineties, then you're wrong. In 1965 Miss Universe in Miami, Florida, Miss Colombia Margarita María Victoria Ocampo Gómez fell down gracefully from the stairs and nonetheless she was Top 15.