31 August 2008

Falling Beauty Queens

What if you are watching someone in your television, the camera is focused on the person in a close up shot, then all of sudden the person disappears? Your television screen is now blank. There are only two things that possibly could happen. First, the cameraman accidentally focuses the camera on a wrong angle. Second, the person has fallen down on the floor.

The second is what actually happened to two beauty queens competing in two different international competitions in two different years. Efia Owusuaa Marfo of Ghana in Miss World 1998 in Seychelles slipped down on stage during the Day Wear Presentation in the finals. Miriam Quiambao of the Philippines on the other hand tripped during the preliminary evening gown competition of the 1999 Miss Universe in Trinidad & Tobago.

The experience is very humbling especially it happened infront of the world. Miss Ghana was obviously distracted and was not able to recover while Miss Philippines continued to show poise and class. Miss Ghana was unplaced in that year while Miss Philippines nearly missed the crown.

Here are screencaps of Miss Ghana falling on stage.

Now, let's take a look at her video. Poor Miss Ghana. I know the experience and I tell you it's not really easy to recover such a situation.

As for Miriam Quiambao, here are the screencaps showing her falling on stage. She was walking graciously, carrying her gown flawlessly when all of a sudden she disappeared on the screen.