10 February 2010

How did the long gowns of Dayana Mendoza and Stefania Fernandez influence other countries like Wales and Poland?

I was inspired by the turn out of comments on this post I have written about the identical gowns of Miss Philippines and Miss Venezuela during the Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam. The similarity is more on the cuts of the gowns.

Because of this post, I have realized how strong Venezuela is in influencing other countries when it comes to pageantry. The long gowns of Dayana Mendoza and Stefania Fernandez, the back-to-back Miss Universe winners from Venezuela for 2008 and 2009, have been the inspirations of other countries. Poland and Wales (United Kingdom) copied the designs of the gowns for their representatives to Miss World and Miss Earth respectively.

Although this act of copying designs is a fashion crime, I am more curious to know the feelings or reactions of the girls who were forced to wear these gowns. Did they wear it with pride and confidence? Did it affect their performances?

For comparison, the next two pictures are Dayana Mendoza (first) in her yellow gown and Stefania fernandez (second) in her red gown.

Now, here is Miss Wales Dominique Dryer during the preliminary evening gown competition of Miss Earth 2009 in Manila. The gown is exactly the same with Dayana's gown except that she changed the color to pink.

On the other hand, Miss Poland Anna Jamróz paraded in Miss World 2009 with a gown which was obviously a fusion of the gowns of Dayana and Stefania. The upper part of the gown is patterned from Dayana's while the lower part is copied from Stefania's.