09 February 2010

The "identical" long gowns of Dayana Mendoza and Jennifer Barrientos, Miss Philippines Universe 2008

I was browsing video clips of Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam when I took notice an odd similarity on the gowns of Miss Venezuela Dayana Mendoza, who eventually won the title, and Miss Philippines Jennifer Barrientos, who didn't make the semi-final.

I am expecting you will disagree with me since most of us are very critical when it comes to the dresses and wardrobes of any Miss Philippines titleholders. Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Incorporated (BPCI)has the reputation of providing mediocre or outdated long gowns to their girls. I still remember the comments of fans on Jennifer's gown during the pageant - the gown was a mess and 80-ish.

Miss Venezuela Organization, on the other hand, under the leadership of pageant guru, Osmel Sousa, is known with its stylish and fashion-forward long gowns. The organization gives their girls only the best wardrobes in the pageant.

So, you might probably think that comparing the gown of a Miss Philippines to a Miss Venezuela is an insult because it is like putting a diamond side by side with a stone. But try to see the video clips after the pictures.

This is the yellow gown of Miss Venezuela, Dayana Mendoza.

This is the Alfredo Barraza gown of Miss Philippines, Jennifer Barrientos. It is very obvious, this gown is much inferior with that of Dayana.

Now look on their evening gown presentations during the preliminary competitions.

Here is Jennifer with her evening gown in motion.

Here is Dayana with her evening gown in motion.

So, what have you seen? The gowns are identical onstage except for the colors. The effects or the amount of lights on the stage could also be the reason. Jennifer carried the gown well. She had a fantastic presentation although the gown was a trash. But definitely, Dayana had a better performance in a better gown.

While Jennifer was trying to be regal and sophisticated in her moves, Dayana opted to be more fluid with her flirty walks. She was like dancing the way she swayed her hips and her shoulders. She also gave emphasis on the slits of her gowns with her twirl and the position of her legs when she paused.