23 July 2009

Miss Japan Universe Emiri Miyasaka's Controversial National Costume

When pictures of Miss Japan Universe 2009 Emiri Miyasaka in her national costume started to circulate in the internet, pageant fans all over the world have only one reaction - Emiri is like a porn star!

Many thought that the costume will kill her chances of making the cut. Obviously, fans including me are disappointed.

But there is one person who is happy about the reactions coming from the fans. This is what she wanted and what she wanted was generated. I am talking about Ines Ligron, the director for Miss Japan Universe.

In her blog, Ines said that the "national costume surely created a big PR buzz around the world."

She admitted that the reaction from fans was the "original concept of her team of designers and stylists". She added that "the plan worked as planned".

That's Ines who loves controversies. It is one of her ways to make her girl a subject of discussions. It is in this way where she can make her candidates so popular so that during the preliminaries of the Miss Universe, Japan will surely be noticed by the fans and the judges.

"The conservative and fashion-dinosaurs are critisizing her costume, meanwhile the fashionistas love it."

"I care only about the movers and shakers in the fashion industry. My vibe is of Junya Watanabe, Yoji Yamamto, Issey Miyake, John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Cavalli and Dolce & Gabanna likes. They have created a new area in fashion and they mind works like mine."

"I love fierce versus safe, this is who I am and will always be. I want to bring the image of beauty queens to a level wich matches mine and not stuggle to remain safe and politically correct. I believe that traditional beauty queens are irrelevant in today world, and this is what most of people think and the real reason why TV ratings around the world are dropping and pageant houses have to close down their operations, instead they should reinvent themselves."

Ines also mentioned that Emiri will be flying to Miami, USA tomorrow to get ready for the pageant in Bahamas.

"Emiri is now packing with her team and will fly tomorrow afternoon to Miami where she has a few TV and magazines interviews. She will also prepare slowly her skin for the heat and dramatic sun of the Bahamas and will not burn. She will stay in Miami for a week and will fly by private helicopter to Nassau with her entourage. She will have a dinner at the Japanese Embassy with the Consul while in Miami."