24 July 2009

Emiri Miyasaka's National Costume is a Disrespect to the Japanese

As expected many Japanese are disappointed with the national costume of Emiri Miyasaka, Miss Japan Universe 2009. Many think that the costume is a disrespect to the conservative Japanese style of clothing - the kimono.

We visited some forums and blogs and tried to read the comments. All are echoing that it is very slutty. Pageant experts are saying that the costume is good only in magazines but not in runways.

But there some also who admitted they love the costume. One of them is Miss Singapore Universe 2009 Rachel Kum who took notice of this issue by reading it in our blog. Though Rachel did not mention our blog in her website, she copied what we have written here.

Rachel said, "Japan is a huge fashion industry and I personally think it is great that their concept of a new age national costume is something different for a change! Emiri is beautiful and she can carry this look very well. I look forward to meeting her next week!"

Let's listen also to this Japanese woman who left a comment in our blog entry here.

"This crazy piece of fabric makes me suffocate. As a Japanese woman, it's just unbearable to expect that so many eyes all over the globe will see this expression of Ines Ligron's humongous ego and insanity under the name of "national costume of Japan"."

Now that it is generating a lot of publicity, do you think this will further boost the chance of Miss Japan to get the third crown for her country?

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