15 July 2009

Krystal Brown is the new Miss Bahamas Earth 2009

When the original winner of Miss Bahamas Earth, Ife Bethel Sears, gave up her crown to continue her study, reports circulated in forums and blogs that Amanda Appleyard, Miss Bahamas International, was taking her place. Truth is ... Amanda retained her title.

A new girl was named  Miss Bahamas Earth. The lucky lady is Krystal (or Krystle?) Brown. She is indeed very lucky if you pay attention to the clamor of many Bahamians who are disappointed with the turn of events.

Pageant enthusiasts from Bahamas are questioning why a non-finalist like Krystal would get the right to compete in a better pageant like Miss Earth and the First Runner-up, who happens to be Amanda, is going only to Miss International which is far inferior than the former.

Amanda was elevated as First Runner-up from being Second Runner-up when Ife (original First Runner-up) resigned. On the other hand, Krystal was appointed as the Second Runner-up.

Some are also arguing why the fourth and fifth runners-up of the pageant, Alyssa Knowles and Camille Kenny, were not offered with the title vacated by Ife.

Fans also argued that Miss Bahamas Organization should stick to their tradition of sending the First Runner-up to Miss Earth and the Second Runner-up to Miss International.

Supporters of Miss Bahamas Org reasoned out that Amanda already signed a contract designating her as the representative of Bahamas to Miss International, therefore, they can no longer give her the title of Miss Bahamas Earth.

Going back on Ife Bethel Sears, someone fed us some information that the beauty queen just used her studies as her reason to quit her title. According to our informer, the real reason was because Ife believed her contract with Miss Bahamas Organization was bogus. The former Miss Bahamas Earth 2009 was not happy with the stipulations in her contract.

This would only remind us the issues involving Gaynell Stubbs-Rolle, Miss Bahamas organizer, and former winners of the pageant like Sacha Scott.

Miss Bahamas Earth 2009, Krystal Brown and Miss Bahamas Universe 2009, Kiara Sherman pose for the camera.

From Left-Right: Krystal Brown Miss Bahamas Earth 2009, Miss Bahamas International 2009 Amanda Appleyard, Miss Bahamas World 2009 Joanna Brown, Miss Culteral Bahamas, Miss Bold Beautiful Bahamas, Miss Global Bahamas Azariah Clare and Miss Gospel Bahamas. They attended the the Bahamas 36th Independance Day Celebrations at Clifford Park in Nassau on July 10th 2009.