15 July 2009

Miss Earth Gets a new crown?

Miss Earth 2008 Karla Paula Henry of the Philippines with the new Ramona Haar-made crown

Miss Earth's official website has a new look. You gonna love it. It has a new domain name also - from www.missearth.tv to www.missearth.info.

I was looking for updates about this pageant when I discovered this. But there is one thing that I'm curious about. Miss Earth will reveal its new crown soon.

The teaser goes like this, "Over 80 gems from all over the world on one coveted headpiece - The NEW Miss Earth crown, Unveiling soon"

We all knew that the crown lying on the head of Karla Paula Henry, the current Miss Earth, is new as it was only introduced in November during the latest edition of the pageant. It was designed by Ramona Haar Fine Jewelry and its value is US$25,000.

The new crown is still a masterpiece of Ramona Haar.