15 July 2009

Rachael Finch will be in the Top 15 of Miss Universe 2009

Rachael Finch, Miss Australia Universe 2009, in a swimsuit during her national pageant.

We would love to make our Top 15 prediction for the Miss Universe 2009 but it's too early. We'll do it later but as early as now we are sure Miss Australia Rachael Finch will be one of them.

Why are we so sure? It's because Donald Trump, the owner of the pageant, is really trying so hard to win the Australians. He wanted Miss Universe to be hosted by Australia for the second time.

In fact, he offered the hosting of Miss Universe 2009 to some cities in Australia but he was refused because they weren't interested. Now, he wanted to bring the pageant closer to the Aussies.

Donald is determined to get the Aussies' attention. Read this article from news.com.au. Donald is full of praise for Rachael and Jennifer Hawkins, Miss Universe 2004, is one of his all-time favourite Miss Universe.

Just to add, I remember reading a book authored by Donald Trump that his most favourite Miss Universe is Amelia Vega of Dominican Republic who won the pageant in 2003 in Panama. I forgot the title of that mini-book but I report this when I find it out.

Here's the news.

Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins

MISS Universe pageant co-owner Donald Trump is full of praise for Australia's Rachael Finch as she tries to follow in the footsteps of one of his all-time favourite winners, Jennifer Hawkins.

The tycoon said he had heard only good things about the current Miss Universe Australia and had been informed the Queenslander was "wonderful".

"I've heard Rachael is beautiful and I hear she's a lovely lady," Trump said.

The glamorous 21-year-old from Townsville will travel to the Bahamas next month in the hope of clinching the crown, won by Hawkins five years ago.

Trump, who also owns the Miss USA competition, said Hawkins was one of his favourites because she was so problem-free, unlike many others.

"Jennifer Hawkins is one of my all-time favourite Miss Universes," Trump said.

"She's phenomenal. She's a great person and just absolutely beautiful.

"She was absolutely great, she was so problem-free."

Trump's pageants have been riddled with controversy recently.

Miss Universe Australia finalist Stephanie Naumoska made international headlines for her skeletal-like frame. "

I think she was too thin, but I hope she's better,'' Trump said.

In the Miss USA competition, the most recent Miss California was dethroned after missed appearances, topless photos and homophobic comments.

But Trump admitted controversy can be positive too.

"Frankly the controversy is a good thing, not a bad thing, because everyone's talking about my pageants," Trump said.