18 July 2013

Natalia Guimaraes, Miss Universe 2007 1st runner-up, is pregnant

During the Miss Universe 2007 that was held in Mexico, Brazil’s Natalia Guimaraes sashayed on stage with poise and confidence. Aside from Japan’s Riyo Mori, she was one of the semi-finalists who I thought who could win the crown because I just fell in love how she projected on stage and on camera. That is why I was so happy when the candidates were narrowed down to two. Natalia and Riyo were holding each other’s hand to the delight of the crowd.

And as we have all witnessed, Natalia became a runner-up of Riyo.

That was 6 years ago and now, Natalia is already an expectant mother. That’s right! I found out pictures of a 7-month pregnant Natalia. She is to become a mother soon with a twin. Yes, you’re right again! Natalia is expecting a twin of two girls who will be named Kiara and Maya. Unfortunately, I can’t find an article identifying her husband although he’s visible in one of these pictures I found out.

There is one thing I’ve observed. She is younger-looking in these pictures than when she competed in 2007 – 6 years ago. During the Miss Universe 2007, Natalia was branded by netizen as too old-looking where she was labeled as “aunt” of the contestants. Well, probably because she wore thick make-up or foundation those days.

Goodluck, Natalia!

By the way, the only thing I disliked about Natalia during the announcement of the winner of Miss Universe 2007 was when she obviously showed to the viewer her disappointment for being named a runner-up only. She wasn’t able to hide it and she didn’t even congratulate Riyo nor hug her just like other first runners-up would usually do when they become the” first loser”.