18 July 2013

SCANDAL: The other contestants of Miss Minsk 2013 who have racy pictures

This is a follow-up write-up on our blog entries SCANDAL: Miss Minsk 2013, Yana Kontsevenko, Nude Photos and SCANDAL: Miss Minsk (Belarus) winners have nude photo scandals. (Just click on the links - in blue - to read the details.)

This scandal is generating a buzz in Belarus as proven by my blog statistics. I have mentioned that aside from the winner, Yana Kontsevenko, there are other contestants who have racy pictures just like 2nd runner-up and the recipient of the Miss Friendship special award.

Natalia or Natallya Bashura, the 2nd runner-up, is a go-go dancer.

Catherine Voytus, Miss Friendship, is a stripper at Next Club.

Here is a screen shot of Catherine's profile as a stripper:

One of the contestants, Christina Iljuk, is also a stripper.

Another 2 contestants, Olga Kiseleva and Angelica Tikhanovich are part of the provocative quartet Ebash doing gigs around many night clubs in Belarus. Tikhanovich was also a pioneer of another group, the Topless Djing.