20 July 2013

4 Muslims are forced to withdraw Miss World Malaysia 2013

Anna Lim, national director of Malaysia for Miss World, declared on the official facebook page of Miss Malaysia World today that 4 girls of Malay origin have been disqualified from the contest because of a request made by a Malaysian Islamic cleric.

Here is what Anna wrote:

Dato' Anna Lim, organizer of Miss Malaysia World 2013 has decided to adhere to the Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan Datuk Wan Zahidi Wan Teh, "Muslim girls are not allowed to be in beauty pageants". Therefore, she has decided to disqualify the 4 Muslim girls at Miss Malaysia World 2013 finalists named Kathrina Binti Rizuan, Miera Sheikh, Wafa Johanna De Korte and Sara Amelia Bernard .

The pageant will go on as usual and she is very enthusiastic to put a good show for the non-Muslim girls. She wishes to respect the Muslim religion and wishes the Muslim community 'Selamat Berpuasa and Selamat Hari Raya'.

They were forced to back-out by Mufti Wilayah Persekutuan and NGOs from participating Miss Malaysia World 2013 even if they will not parade in swimsuit or bikini (even internationally for Miss World 2013). Their dreams were crushed.

Let us recap why they want to join Miss Malaysia World 2013 :

WAFA JOHANNA DE KORTE - “I’ve always wanted to join Miss Malaysia World 2013 and fortunately, I can do that this year. A beauty queen is someone who represents the beauty of her country. She is also someone who has intelligence and inner beauty. If I have the opportunity to represent Malaysia at Miss World 2013, I want to show to everyone how beautiful Malaysian women are as well as highlight the beauty of our country.”

KATHRINA BINTI RIDZUAN - “I joined Miss Malaysia World 2013 because I want to gain experience, confidence, and adventure. I also want to encourage all women in the world and to let them know that the pageant is not just about the looks but also the intelligence. For me, beauty is a combination of physical ability, virtue and the friendliness one shows to another. A beauty queen is someone who can reflect her personality and beauty without even doing anything. A beauty queen is not about who has the best figure but it is about selecting the best candidate who has the overall package to compete internationally as an ambassador of the people.”

MIERA SHEIKH - “Miss Malaysia World is one of the most prestigious pageants that I know. To join it is a dream come true! My strongest qualities are that I have great perseverance and that I am willing to give my best always. My father is my inspiration in life because he is always willing to sacrifice his time and attention. If given the chance to represent Malaysia in Miss World 2013, I will promote Malaysia in all its glory, showing the great diversity and what ‘Truly Asia’ is all about.”

SARA AMELIA BERNARD - “Joining Miss Malaysia World 2013 is a chance as well as an opportunity to represent the pageant in various charitable ways. It is about being a beauty and having the brains. This pageant also gives me the opportunity to play my part in making the world a better place. Beauty With A Purpose means showing the world that beauty is skin deep and is about being able to use one’s status as a beauty queen to set a good example and be a positive role model. A beauty queen is all about having the opportunity to be an ambassador of good values and beauty.”

That's why they want to join Miss Malaysia World 2013. Does their purpose to join sound "sins"??? I bet they are crying at home right now.