02 July 2013

SCANDAL: Miss Minsk 2013, Yana Kontsevenko, Nude Photos

Have you observed what I have observed for the last few years of following beauty pageants. Most of the nude photo scandals involving beauty pageant winners or contestants are from Russia or the countries which used to be part of Russia. Why? I am just wondering.
And the winner of Miss Minsk 2013 is one of them. What surprised me more is when I learned that it was discovered that there were at least 5 ladies who have competed in this pageant who were either a stripper, go-go dancer or have nude photo scandals.

Aside from the winner, the first runner up, Natalia Bashura, and the winner of the special award Miss Friendship, Catherine Voytus, have nude photos as well.

But what you will be seeing in this blog entry are the racy pictures of the winner, Yana Kontsevenko.