03 July 2013

Nude photo scandals of Russian beauty queens

When a I made a blog entry about the latest nude photo scandal in pageantry involving winners and other contestants of Miss Minsk 2013, I have mentioned about what I have observed. In my write-up, SCANDAL: Miss Minsk 2013, Yana Kontsevenko, Nude Photos, I wrote that most of the nude photo scandals involving beauty pageant winners or contestants are from Russia or the countries which used to be part of Russia. 

I didn't realize that statement would attract attentions from some readers of my blog who sent me e-mails asking why did I say so.

Well, that is only an observation from my part. I don't claim that it is factual so anybody can argue my statement. In my attempt to prove that remarks could be valid, I am listing down the different articles about nude photo scandals involving Russian delegates I and my ex-partner previously blogged.

1. SCANDAL!! Naked Photos of Newly Crowned Miss Russia Appear on the Net - Sofia Rudyeva (or Rudieva?) won Miss Russia 2009 and days after she won, it was discovered that she posed naked in a porn site. Despite the controversy, she was allowed to compete at Miss Universe 2009 in the Bahamas. She was unplaced. 

2. Miss Russia Sophia Rudyeva's Nipple is Visible in her National Costume - The discovery of Sofia Rudyeva's past as a porn artist once in her life after she was crowned Miss Russia 2009 did not stop there. During the Miss Universe 2009 competition in Bahamas, her nipple was accidentally exposed when she wore her national costume.

3. Miss International 2008 Nipple Scandal - During the Miss International 2008 in Macau, China, the representative of Russia, Ekaterina Grushanina, had her nipple slipped while she and other contestants of the said pageant were having massage.

NOTE: The picture used in this article is one of the photo scandals of Yana Kontsevenko, Miss Minsk 2013. The guy was her boyfriend.