30 July 2009

Miss Russia Sophia Rudyeva's Nipple is visible in her National Costume

What is with Miss Russia Universe 2009 Sophia Rudyeva or the Miss Russia organization? Are they trying to stir controversies so that Sophia will be an instant hit once she step down in Bahamas for the Miss Universe pageant?

After Sophia became a favourite buzz in pageant-related discussions after nude pictures of her appeared in the internet, another "scandal" is labeled to her.

Her nipple is hanging out in her national costume!!! Look closely on that picture shown above but if you can't see that nipple, here's a larger photo for everyone.


Holy cow! Miss Universe Organization would definitely not allow this. If Sophia insists, she might be disqualified.

Why does Sophia trying to be so controversial? She's lovely and she doesn't need all these controversies. Don't you think so?