15 November 2008

Miss International 2008 Nipple Scandal

Have you heard about this controversy or scandal in the recent Miss International 2008 which was held in Japan and Macau, China? We have little news about this pageant and while I was browsing the internet, I found out this picture showing Miss Russia exposing her nipples.

The delegates were paying visits to sponsor Spa and getting some sensational massage. The press was allowed to take photographs and filming.

Miss Russia becomes an instant favorite since her towel did not fully cover her boobs. She later told the press that her cup size was E according to her "masseure". The press was thrilled to see so many beautiful women “semi-naked”.

Zuzana Putnarova of Czech Republic and Julia Galichenko of Ukraine were also lambasted by the some animal rights activists for wearing fur coat during the pageant. The fur coat wore by Galichenko is made by at least 40 dead animals.

The reason why Miss Czech Republic was condoned is because Humane Society of the United States concluded that the use of cats and dogs for fur is thriving in the Czech Republic and other Eastern European countries. This fur, which comes from both strays and captured pets, is often falsely labeled to disguise its origins.

Here are some pictures of the winners lead my Miss Spain who won the title. This is already the third Miss International for Spain.