15 July 2013

Jamaica skips Miss Universe 2013

I've learned just now that there will be no representative from Jamaica to the Miss Universe pageant after the local franchise holder since 2011, Dimitris Kosvogiannis, resigned.

This is not a good news for us - fans of Miss Universe - since Jamaica has been one of the few countries we always expect to send interesting girls in the pageant just like Yendi Phillips who finished first runner-up in 2010 and Christine Straw who made the Top 10 in 2004.

Also, this news is very alarming since more and more countries are dropping or cancelling their participation to the Miss Universe pageant. It is alarming in the case of Jamaica since this comes from the region (Caribbean and Latin america) where Miss Universe is so big and popular.  Just last week, Guatemala's participation was also placed in danger because the national pageant where its representative will be chosen was cancelled due to lack of sponsors.(READ HER: Miss Universe Guatemala is in danger!)

Another country, Kosovo, dropped the Miss Universe pageant in favor of Miss World. (READ HERE: No more Miss Kosovo at Miss Universe)

Are we seeing the start of the demise of this pageant?  What do you think?

NOTE: As seen in the picture used in this write-up, Jamaica's Yendi Phillips finished second to Mexico's Ximena Navarette during Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.