14 July 2013

News Blackout for Miss Universe Philippines 2013 Ariella “Ara” Arida

Recently, I have featured in my blog (READ HERE: Miss Philippines Universe 2013, Ara Arida, Hits the Gym) about Miss Universe Philippines 2013 Ariella “Ara” Arida’s gym workouts as she prepares to conquer the Miss Universe crown last won by a Filipina 39 years ago in the person of Margarita “Margie” Moran in 1973 in Athens, Greece. I have a strong belief that Ara Arida is having an intensive training since the crown is long overdue for a nation which has the best and most loyal fans and supporters of this pageant.

When pictures of Ara Arida started to leak on the net one after the other showing her doing different routines of her workout program, the Filipino hardcore fans, in particular, expressed their concerns and dilemma. Mostly are saying that the people behind her training should refrain or do something to stop further pictures to leak. These fans have proposed a news blackout since this has been the regular practice of the Binibining Pilipinas Organization in preparing its representatives to some international beauty pageants so why not in the case of Ara Arida.

For them, continuous massive leaking of her pictures is like laying all the cards in the table for the enemies to scrutinize and then for them to do better in their preparation. Not only that, these pictures are baits that would definitely attract negative comments from competitors who are so cruel in their bashing with anything about the Philippines and its beauty queens. I have seen a beauty pageant forum that allows and even encourages its Indian forumers (some Thais, Malaysians, Indonesians and Latinos) to attack and throw racist remarks mostly addressed to the Philippines and the Filipina beauty queens in particular.

But some says that these pictures of Ara’s workout in the gym being leaked out have some good points. This is a manifestation that the Philippines is serious in its long time advocacy of not resorting to plastic surgeries just to transform its girls unlike most countries especially India and all other Latin American countries like Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil.

Which side are you on?

The Philippines is on a 3-year Top 5 winning streak at Miss Universe which started in 2010 after 10 years drought and Ara Arida is definitely pressured not to break this streak. The responsibility on her shoulder is so heavy because she needs to prove her detractors wrong.