19 June 2013

Miss Philippines Universe 2013, Ara Arida, Hits the Gym

There is no doubt that the Philippines is the real big deal now in Miss Universe pageant after claiming back its superpower status. Thanks to its three consecutive placements in the Top 5 from 2010 to 2012.

This country of the best pageant fans in the world developed its reputation of transforming its representatives to stage diva especially when it come to catwalk innovation, projection and stage presence. This country's representative for 2013, Ara Arida, is expected to be in her best form when the Miss Universe kicks off by November.

And as one of her difficult preparations, Ara is seen hitting the gym as you can see in the picture above. She is doing barbel squats which is a good way to enhance her thighs and gluts. But I hope she is also doing lunges to really tone her gluts. Her objective, in my opinion, is to shed off 2 more inches from her abs and super tone her thighs and gluts. If she achieves this, she will truly be a force to reckon with in Russia in November. But I don't think she should do this everyday to avoid her muscles to be over-fatigued.

Based on the picture, Ara is not actually lifting heavy weights. Maybe her program would progress to heavier weights soon to really build her thighs and gluts. Increasing the weight and decreasing the repetitions (or even doing the pyramid sets) would be the best way to go. But I'd bet her trainer already knows this so we should all trust him.

The question is, will she continue the winning streak of the Philippines in Miss Universe? Looks like!!