19 June 2013

Miss Earth 2013 Will be in Macau or Singapore

(Miss Earth contestants enjoy the white sand of Boracay in 2009.)

Many fans of Miss Earth pageant are vocal lately about their desires to see this third most important pageant in the world taking place in another country aside from its country of origin, the Philippines. They want the pageant to become more popular among non-Filipinos and this can only be done if different countries will host it year after year. The only year it was staged outside the Philippines was in 2010 when it was held in Vietnam. Also in 2007, Vietnam, again, co-hosted it when the preliminary swimsuit competition happened in Nha Thrang.

But prior to these, there were actually efforts to bring the pageant to Chile in 2006 and Thailand in 2011 but something went wrong in the end. The pageant was brought back to Manila.

Now, according to a local Philippine news program, this year we might see it either in Macau or in Singapore. What a good news for the the loyal followers of Miss Earth. The only thing that we can do now is  to cross our fingers and pray that it will really happen. If it won't, I know many hearts will be broken.

Where do you want it to be held - Singapore or Macau?