18 June 2013

Miss USA 2013 Generates Low TV Rating

Do you think Miss USA is now dying?

The Miss America 2013 telecast was watched by 8.3 million people while Miss USA 2013 was watched by only 5.3 million people. It is being said that Miss USA experienced low ratings because of the NBA Final which averaged 12.2 million viewers making ABC the most watched TV channel of the night. 

Its not the first year that Miss America has defeated Miss USA in terms of ratings. The Miss America 2012 was watched by 8 million viewer and Miss USA was watched by 6.6 millions. Even Miss America 2011 was watched by 7.85 million while Miss USA 2011 was watched by 7.2 millions. So that means the last time Miss USA generated more viewers than Miss America was back in 2010 when Miss USA was watched by 5.25 millions and Miss America was watched by 4.8 millions.

While comparing ratings of both the pageants we must also keep in mind that Miss America was televised by TLC in 2010 when Miss USA was a leader in terms of viewership. It is after ABC taking up Miss America that now Miss America is a viewership leader.

Does that mean NBC is at fault for lower ratings of Miss USA? or Something is going wrong with the production Miss USA pageant?

In my opinion, Miss USA telecasts are always much more polished and well organized than Miss America. Lower ratings of Miss USA is a failure of NBC and not Miss Universe Organization.

What do u think?