17 June 2013

Miss USA 2013: The Aftermath

What you will be reading is not the blogger's opinion. I am only giving a space in my blog a friend's thoughts on the winners of Miss USA 2013

WEST VIRGINIA: Chelsea Welch looked great but her hair was messy and she looked like she was in disarray. However, aside from that I would've at least expected Top 10 for her. I was surprised to not hear her get the call. 

NEVADA: Okay, I thought that Chelsea Caswell was attractive and I could see why she made it as far as she did. Many may have loved the simple liquid beading black evening gown but I think that a bolder choice would've been much better. 

PENNSYLVANIA: HOW???? What a waste of a spot! Jessica Bilins totally reminded me of Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Kolcziak....... Sorry but Miss USA should not look like her and Jessica was not fresh. No, no and no!

ALABAMA:  Mary Margaret McCord is a pretty girl. She deserves her placement. I never saw her as winning Miss USA but I always thought of her as a contender. Most people on pageant forums really were pulling for her to win but to be honest, her onstage interview lacked spark. Regardless, she did well enough to make an impression on the judges and the final scoring reflected that. 

ILLINOIS: I was so upset that Stacie Juris chose that gown. I think that she also performed consistently and her final answer was also very good. In fact, I thought it was going to be between her and Connecticut after the final question. What Stacie lacked in was more confidence on stage. You could tell that she wasn't completely comfortable but she did her best! 

UTAH: I was so upset with her answer. I think the nerves got to her and she basically choked in the moment. She stumbled, started to answer her question but somehow veered off track again. It was very unfortunate. She was my favorite to win the overall title and had she answered her final answer properly, the Top 2 would've been very different. In fact, it just goes to show HOW much the judges liked her. In a final answer that she screwed up in, she still placed 3rd runner up over two ladies that actually had much stronger answers than she did.

TEXAS: I knew Marissa Powell wasn't going to win. She wasn't in the original Top 5 so there had to be a reason why they didn't see her, fit to be the US representative. However, between the successfully delivered answers, in my opinion, (CT, IL, TX), I think Texas was the second strongest behind Connecticut. But like I said, she wasn't going to win anyways. 

SOUTH CAROLINA: She is a beautiful girl but I just wasn't a fan of her. Congrats, though on cracking into the original Top 5.

CONNECTICUT: So what do I think of Miss USA 2013? I FUCKING LOVE HER! Although I had high hopes for Marissa and was convinced that she would somehow be in the last two standing, I thought Connecticut was the most consistent throughout the whole evening. From her swimsuit presentation to making an "okay" gown, look AMAZING, Erin really delivered. When she was being interviewed her personality completely shined through.....and she NAILED her final answer. I had placed Erin in my "bubble list" because I was really unsure of her gown choice. BUT, she had killer stage presence and I knew that I wasn't going to be surprised if she made the cut. Alas, she did and I wasn't surprised. 

So Erin Brady will be representing the United States at Miss Universe 2013 in Moscow, RUSSIA! What an amazing news! To be honest, this is refreshing since we've seen Miss Universe in Vegas twice in 5 years. Russia should be an interesting and stunning location! I cannot wait to see the country and what the Miss Universe Organization has in store for us. What are Erin's chances of a back to back? It is not impossible but not easy either. Although she's a gorgeous lady, with more stunning candidates yet to be crowned, we'll just have to wait and see how the MU progresses from now, until then. I definitely think she has a shot, and skyrockets as one of my main contenders for Miss Universe 2013! I cannot wait to see what more she'll bring to the table!