17 June 2013

Miss Universe 2013 Takes Place in Russia

Now, it can be told! Miss Universe 2013 is expected to take place in Moscow, Russia in November later this year. This was announced by the owner of Miss Universe pageant, Donald Trump, during the Miss USA 2013 finals that took place last night.

This would be one of the rare moments Miss Universe will be taking place in Europe, a continent wherein  the pageant is not so popular with the people since this is the birthplace of its rival pageant, the Miss World.

The last time Miss Universe was held in Europe was in 1973 in Athens, Greece when the Philippines' Maria Margarita Moran won the title. I guess this was the ONLY time the pageant was hosted in this part of the globe. Some may argue that it happened in 2000 when India's Lara Dutta was crowned in Nicosia, Cyprus but this tiny country in the Mediterranean is geographically part of Asia. Anyways, you are free to argue with this. Just leave a message.

Also, Russia is technically a part of Asia since greater part of its land area lies in the Asian continent. So, if we use my line of reasoning for saying Cyprus as part of Asia then Miss Universe is taking place NOT IN EUROPE but in Asia. That makes Greece as the only European country that hosted the Miss Universe pageant. But since it will be happening in Moscow which is considered by many as the European part of Russia then Miss Universe is indeed taking place in a European soil in Asia. It's getting complicated now.

The finals of Miss Universe 2013 will take place in November 9 at Crocus City Hall in Moscow, Russia.

But this development is not well received by most fans of Miss Universe which is the gay community because  a lot of them are afraid to travel in the said country for fear of prosecution. They are saying that it is legal to kill a gay in Russia because a bill on this was already approved. Really????????

I am not sure about laws on gays in Russia but I will definitely research on this. If it is true that it is legal to kill a gay in Russia then why risk your life just for this pageant. And those Russians who passed that law are absolutely insane.