19 February 2010

Who has the best body in Binibining Pilipinas 2010?

Continuing with my coverage on the ongoing Binibining Pilipinas, I will show you the official swimsuit pictures of the 24 candidates. Just click on the photos for larger viewing.

You will observe in these pictures that some swimsuits are familiar especially if you have been following Miss Universe. But I will make a separate post on this.

If you want to check the videos of the girls in their swimwears while showcasing their catwalk skills, just click on this link.

You might also be interested in viewing their official portraits, here is the link.

Here are the ladies:

Mariella Castillo
Candidate No.1

Rachel Ann Bustamante
Candidate No.2

Patrixia Sherly Santos
Candidate No.3

Selena Antonio
Candidate No.4

Nicole Kaufmann
Candidate No.5

Patricia Lae Ejercitado
Candidate No.6

Laurese Ann Caparas
Candidate No.7

Ana Marie Morelos
Candidate No.8

Laica Joy Jimenez
Candidate No.9

Maria Venus Raj
Candidate No.10

Krista Arrieta Kleiner
Candidate No.11

Reina Mae Maerina
Candidate No.12

Gwendoline Ruais
Candidate No.13

Mary Ann Ross Misa
Candidate No.14

Jam Charisa Libatog
Candidate No.15

Toni Alyessa Hipolito
Candidate No.16

Rose Ann Aguilar
Candidate No.17

Helen Nicolette Henson
Candidate No.18

Kate Princess Alimurong
Candidate No.19

Marie Ysabelle Matubis
Candidate No.20

Czarina Catherine Gatbonton
Candidate No.21

Dianne Necio
Candidate No.22

Mhirra Hernandez
Candidate No.23

Angelica Damian
Candidate No.24

Here are the girls who I think have the sexiest body, in particular order:

1. Venus Raj
2. Gwendoline Ruais
3. Selena Antonio
4. Dianne Necio
5. Helen Nicolette Henson
6. Krista Arrieta Kleiner
7. Rachel Ann Bustamante
8. Patricia Lae Ejercitado
9. Mariella Castillo
10. Reina Mae Maerina