19 February 2010

VIDEOS: Who has the best catwalk in Binibining Pilipinas 2010?

Binibining Pilipinas 2010 (translated as Miss Philippines 2010) had a press presentation yesterday (18 February 2010) in Sofitel Hotel in Manila. The 24 candidates vying for three titles - Miss Philippines Universe, Miss Philippines World and Miss Philippines International - were presented to the media in their swimsuits.

Among all the national pageants which are taking place today, this pageant is the noisiest in pageant forums and discussion boards. This validates the claim by many that Philippines is a pageant-crazy country.

I would like to thank OPM Worldwide for these videos of the girls who showcased their catwalk skills and sexiness.

Lately, in the last decade, the Philippines had the reputation of sending girls who do not excel in the catwalk department except of course in 2004 Miss Universe where Maricar Balagtas was a catwalk diva. I am hoping with the performance of these girls, this country will break this notion from pageant fans.

Looking on the videos alone, I can say this is a promising batch because there are more ladies whom I saw potentials as compared to the previous years.

Here are the ladies who caught my attention. They are the best in catwalk and projections. The list is in particular order:

1. Venus Raj - Candidate No.10
2. Gwen Ruais - Candidate No.13
3. Krista Kleiner - Candidate No. 11
4. Selena Antonio - Candidate No.4
5. Kate Princess Alimurong - Candidate No.19
6. Ana Marie Morelos - Candidate No.8
7. Jam Charisa Libatog - Candidate No.15
8. Reina Mae Maerina - Candidate No. 12
9. Dianne Necio - Candidate No. 22
10. Mariella Castillo #1, Rachel Bustamante #2, Patricia Ejercitado #6 and Helen Nicolette Henson #18