01 July 2009

Who will be Lebanon's Delegate to Miss Universe 2009, Rosarita or Martine?


Words have reached us that Miss Lebanon 2008, Rosarita Tawil, is no longer the representative of Lebanon to the Miss Universe 2009 pageant in Bahamas this coming August.

According to some fans, Rosarita Tawil somehow confirmed this with her interviews after the crowning of Miss Lebanon 2009 which was won by Martine Andraos. The new winner is said to be replacing Rosarita.

Rosarita is apparently so sad about this turn of events. She is sad for not able to represent her country to the Miss Universe where she believes she can penetrate the Top 15.

I love that attitude. The girl definitely has the winning attitude.

But sources also told us that Rosarita will still compete for 2009 and Martine will be sent in 2010. Now, everyone is confused. We will update you more about this in the coming days.