19 May 2009

"Miss Vietnam Võ Hoàng Yến is like a beautiful Miss Tiffany" - Ines Ligron

Just hours ago, I made a blog entry about Ines Ligron's honest opinion on Miss India Universe Ekta Chaudhary. She called the beauty queen as someone "who can't speak and a little immature" based on a video the National Director of Japan had watched on Youtube.

Ines is the most interesting and most vocal among all the pageant directors in the world. She is very transparent but very sincere and sweet. She is actually my most favourite. If there was a Miss Universe contest for all the national directors, this Frenchwoman could have been definitely the clear runaway winner.

She's also a very good source of beauty pageant news and gossips. Anything that comes out from her mouth makes headlines. That's the reason why I love her aside from being an excellent pageant coach who has high taste for fashion.

I continue updating you on Ines' thoughts on any beauty queens or beauty pageants for that matter. Thus, let's continue.  She is not actually frugal in her thoughts about Misses Vietnam, Colombia, Turkey and Venezuela. Let's hear it from her.

On Miss Vietnam - Võ Hoàng Yến is indeed special, but she need to seriously start to look more sophisticated. I saw many pictures of her and she looks like a beautiful Miss Tiffany to me sometimes. She is a beautiful girl but she needs urgent styling. I wish her the best because I want Asian girls to do great. Methinks. Meilleurs voeux le Vietnam!

On Miss Colombia - Michelle Rouillard is special, a pretty face with an angel-aura and a killer body!

Ines agreed on a fan who commented that Miss Colombia's background as a Colombo-French makes her unique. She has a strong personality and amazing look. She is herself and doesn't look like anyone.

On Miss Turkey - According to Ines, Ebru Sam did not include Miss Turkey because to her, she is just a little girl, not a woman yet. But she added that of course she can be wrong.

On Miss Ukraine - Kristina Koz-Gotlib is gorgeous but her hair is too 70’s.

On Miss Venezuela - Estefania Fernandez has such a pretty face when she wears no make-up. She likes her very much. Venezuela has a killer body again!