19 May 2009

Ines Ligron Says Miss India Universe Ekta Chaudhary "Can't Talk and a Little Immature"

Frenchwoman Ines Ligron who is the National Director of Japan for Miss Universe mentioned in her reply to comment to her blog that Miss India Universe 2009, Ekta Chaudhary "can't talk and a little immature" that's why the beauty queen is not included in her favourite list of Miss Universe hopefuls for this year.

But don't take it negatively, for the Ekta fans, because it is Ines who is talking. We all know that this well-loved pageant director has an eye for beauty. Besides this is only her opinion and she could be wrong or right.

One fan asked Ines why India and USA are not in her list and that was the answer she gave. Only Misses Spain, Kazakhstan, Australia, Belgium, Colombia, Dominican Republic, England, Israel, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Russia, Venezuela, Vietnam and the Philippines are in her list.

Ines reasoned out that her comment was influenced by a Youtube video of Ekta speaking before she won her national title. She added that "she's sorry for the statement and she's just being honest about it"

I just don't know what video she was referring to. So, if you are reading this Ines, maybe you can point us the link. Merci.

But she still complimented Miss India by saying that Ekta is indeed beautiful.

"I am sure the Miss India Organization will turn this around because all their misses are indeed the best speakers normally."

I also remember that hours after Ekta was crowned, Ines made a blog entry also praising her. If I can remember it right, she said that she was happy Ekta won the title. It was Ekta who she really wanted to win.

As for Miss USA, Kirsten Dalton, Ines did not include her because she fails to see something special on the beauty queen.

"Nothing special for me, zero impact, just very “American-girl-next-door” but not in a good way. Again, I am giving my honest opinion, I cannot lie to you."

She also mentioned that Miss Dominican Republic, Ada de la Cruz is so far the clear winner this year.

She ended her statement by spreading peace to everyone.