19 May 2009

Miss Japan Emiri Miyasaka will Wear a Gucci Gown in the Miss U

Miss Universe 2009 has not even started yet but Miss Japan, Emiri Miyasaki, has already an expensive gown that will surely mesmerize all the pageant enthusiasts in the world like me.

Ines Ligron, the woman who is responsible in turning Japanese girls into modern sophisticated women, has just confirmed that Emiri will be wearing a Gucci gown.

The announcement was made by Ines in her blog. A reader expressed about his excitement to see Emiri's gown in the finals as Miss Japan always has the best gown. She responded by saying, "I already bought it. She will wear Gucci."

One of the most anticipated events in the Miss Universe pageant is the parade of the beauty queens in their colourful evening gowns. Lots of us are glued on our seats watching the ladies how they carry their gowns. Most of us also are busy scrutinizing every details in the dress.

I'm also excited to see the gown.

Ines also added that from now on she will start calling Miss Japan as Emiri and not as Emily.

The reader can explain it better. "Hi Madamme InĂ©s, congratulations on your new winner and she is the best choice. But I prefer you calling her “Emiri” instead of “Emily” because Emily is way to westernized and ordinary, especially when you register her for the Miss Universe pageant. It is better to be Emiri Miyasaka. Although the two names sounds alike, I think Emiri sounds cooler and has the Japanese charm in the name itself. Because the fans love calling the complete names of Miss Japan such as Miyako Myazaki, Kurara Chibana , Riyo Mori etc… Now let’s wait the name Emiri Miyasaka to be called in the top 15 in Miss Universe this August"