29 July 2013

Super Sireyna 2013 Francine Garcia is NOT dethroned! Is she a prostitute?

In this post - SCANDAL: Francine Garcia's (Super Sireyna 2013) Philippine representative to Miss International Queen 2013, nude photos - I mentioned that there were no words yet from the organizer or the noontime show behind the Super Sireyna 2013 pageant whether the contest winner, Francine Garcia, will be dethroned or not for having nude photo scandal that  is circulating the net. Today, we got words from them and they said that they are not keen on dethroning Francine Garcia. She will remain the winner and Philippines representative to Miss International Queen to be held in Thailand.

Also, Francine Garcia was heard saying that the nude photo scandals was orchestrated by a competitor whom she defeated. She did not elaborate who she was. She allegedly added that no matter how they try to destroy her, she will remain the winner. Oh, that's the attitude.

It is also interesting to note a friend's observation that Francine Garcia is working as a "prostitute"!!! Take this with a grain of salt because this is not verified and this is purely an observation. Why did my friend said so? Well, if you have noticed her nude photos, you will see that these pictures are watermarked by a website that features ladyboys or transgenders in their birth day suit.  It looks like the purpose of the site is to market their models for sex pleasures. The Arabs would definitely love this.

Do you think so?