13 July 2013

Boycott the Miss Universe 2013 pageant in Russia

Staging the Miss Universe 2013 pageant in Moscow, Russia on November 9th deems inappropriate by the gay community which I believe comprises the biggest chunk of the totality of all the followers and supporters of this most grandiose international beauty pageant. This comes after a bill seeking to discriminate gays in Russia finally became a law after Russian President Vladimir Putin signed it.

Now, gays are in danger of getting hurt or being persecuted if they go to this country just to watch the pageant live. If these gays can’t conceal their sexuality, policemen are definitely just behind them especially that the government has made a remark that it is ready to arrest openly gay tourists. But according to some gays I have talked to, they are willing to act like a true macho just to have the chance to witness the pageant before their eyes.

This predicament divides the gay followers and supporters of Miss Universe. One side says that they are ready to act accordingly in Russia just to give support to this pageant while the other side says that this is now the perfect timing of the gay people to fight for their rights against the oppressive Russian government.

My good friend who has proposed me this idea of battling for our rights as gays thinks this time it is more important to take a stand than to support the Miss Universe pageant. For him, the signing of this racist bill into law is a direct blow to the face of the gay people. It is like a robbery in a broad daylight right before our naked eyes. He thinks the gay people should not just sit down but rise and take a firm stand.

Instead, just for once, these hardcore fans who are gays should boycott watching the Miss Universe live in Russia. It is obvious that the Russian government wants to attract visitors to visit the country and this could mean additional income for the government by funding the Miss Universe pageant. But if this won’t be realized because of the boycott by the gay community, a strong message will be sent to the Russian government. Then, it will be a good start for them to think of repelling the law. Don’t you think so?

Are you ready to boycott the Miss Universe pageant in Russia?

NOTE: Elmira Abdrazakova, Miss Universe Russia 2013, is the host candidate and she is the one shown in the picture.