04 February 2010

Perla Beltran, Miss Mexico World, is NOT a goddess!

Ada Aimee de la Cruz, Miss Dominican Republic 2009, is not alone in her current fight against gaining extra weight after her international pageant because Perla Beltran of Mexico who competed in Miss World 2009 is also in the same dilemma.

I posted Ada's "healthy" pictures in this post and it is Perla's turn to be scrutinized.

But I observed one thing. What do Perla and Ada have in common? Well, aside from gaining weight, both of them finished 1st runner-up in their respective international pageants.

Perla was the runner-up of Kaiana Aldorino of Gibraltar, Miss World 2009, and Ada was also the runner-up of Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela, Miss Universe 2009.

Is this their way to protest their losses or is this a result of their frustrations?

Perla Beltran was highly favored by pageant fans all over the world to win the crown during the Miss World pageant in South Africa last month. Some fans even labeled her a goddess of beauty.

But in these pictures taken in one of her modeling assignments, Perla can no longer be called a goddess. Obviously, fats are visible in her hips and thighs. The body is showing no more curves. Not only that, her styling made her look old.