03 February 2010

What happened to Ada Aimee de la Cruz, Miss Dominican Republic Universe?

Ada Aimee de la Cruz who represented Dominican Republic in Miss World 2007 and Miss Universe 2009 was the envy of many girls around the globe because of her sexy body. She proved the whole world that she had the best body when she won the title of Miss World 2007 Beach Beauty in Sanya, China. She made the Top 15 of the said pageant.

Also in Miss Universe in August last year in Bahamas, she cemented her reputation as one of the sexiest when she ended a runner-up of the eventual winner, Stefania Fernandez of Venezuela.

But five months after the pageant, Ada is now a picture of a different woman. She obviously gained weight. She lost her sexiness.

Most beauty queens gain weight after their reign especially when there are no major international pageant crowns on their heads. This is because they are not pressured.

This is Miss Dominican Republic 2009 now.

Also read this post on Perla Beltran, Miss World 2009 1st runner-up from Mexico, who is obviously following Ada's footstep. The Mexican beauty queen is also gaining weight.