04 February 2010

Miss Earth might not be held in Vietnam as earlier reported

There is a good news for the followers of Miss Earth pageant. On it's 10th year anniversary celebration, Miss Earth Organization is stepping up by bringing the pageant outside the Philippines to Vietnam. Let us all celebrate.

Personally, I am happy with this development or this decision by Carousel Productions, the pageant organizer, because this means one thing - the pageant is soaring higher.

Miss Earth is the most bashed pageant because fans see the final production as amateurish and raw. Although, they rank the pageant second to Miss Universe in terms of excitement and promotional activities, the incapability of Miss Earth to broadcast its pageant internationally makes it not at par with the other grandslam pageants like Misses Universe and World.

Well, bringing the pageant to Vietnam this year is the first step for Carousel in marketing Miss Earth to the global audience. It surely creates interest among the Vietnamese. And next year, Vietnamese televisions will be bidding for the right to broadcast it again in their country. And if other countries show signs of interest in hosting the pageant, in a matter of another 10 years, at least, Miss Earth will definitely be giving Misses Universe and World a run of their money.

There are no official statements yet coming from Carousel and Vietnam about holding the pageant in the province of Nha Trang but this report was leaked to fans when a Vietnamese newspaper wrote a contract signing between Miss Earth officials and the sponsors took place in a ceremony in a hotel in Saigon.

But there are some fans who are still skeptical whether Miss Earth will be finally held outside the Philippines. Their fear comes from an incident in the past. In 2005, it was announced by the host that the 2006 edition was going to be held in Chile. But later that year, it was still in Manila.

So, let's wait more developments before we can finally say that Miss Earth is really going to Vietnam.