22 November 2009

Miss Earth 2009 Winner - Miss Spain Alejandra Echevarria?

The final stage for the Miss Earth 2009 pageant at Boracay Resort and Convention Centerin the Philippines.

Today is the big day for Miss Earth 2009 pageant when the new winner will be crowned at Boracay Ecovillage Resort and Convention Center in the Philippines.

In less than 4 hours, we will see if the most anticipated back-to-back win for the Philippines with Sandra Inez Seifert happen. Or will the overrated Cuba's Jamillette Gaxiola and Venezuela's Jessica Barboza live up to the expectations.

Sandra started the competition with fire. Her Best in Swimsuit and Long Gown Awards are validation to this. Unfortunately, these awards have no bearings come tonight's final.

I just would like to address those people who are questioning the victory of Sandra. I have seen the videos and I can say Sandra was deserving to win the Best in Evening Gown. She had the most unique gown. The other gowns are equally beautiful but you usually see them in beauty pageants. The moment Sandra was flashed in the screen with the so-called rainbow gown, I was really mesmerized which I didn't feel with the others. In fact, she deserved the Best in Long Gown more than the Best in Swimsuit.

At the preliminary swimsuit competition, Sandra may not have the best body among all the finalists but she was oozing with charisma. She was so energetic in her presentation. She was simply glowing. I guess these are the factors the judges saw on Sandra which eventually convinced them to give the title to her.

But relax and sit back, folks. The pageant has not even started. It's not yet over 'till it's over. Like what I have said earlier, the awards that were given to Miss Philippines have no bearings tonight. These awards only cemented Sandra's fate as one of the finalists - that is for sure - but all the ladies who will be included in the Final Top 18 will start the night again with equal chances. They will all start from scratch.

Just take a quick look on what happened during the Miss Earth 2007. Venezuela's Silvana Santaella bagged these two major awards also during the preliminary competition but she ended up Miss Earth-Water or second runner-up only.

Like what I have said in my entry yesterday, I would have love to come up with my prediction of the Final Top 18 but since I was just fully updated with this year's pageant few days ago, I am afraid I will be very biased with my list. For sure, I will only be basing my judgment on the pictures which is not fair to do. But in case you are interested to know my bias opinion, I will tell you that I have the feeling that Miss Spain's Alejandra Echevarria will take the crown.

We will see.