09 August 2009

More Similar Gowns of Misses Puerto Rico, Mexico, Egypt, Bahamas - patterned from Ellie Saab

That picture posted above is taken from a Colombian message board. A poster found out that the gown of Miss Puerto Rico Mayra Matos is not only an imitation from an Elli Saab gown but also from Miss Bahamas World 2008 Tinnyse Jamel Johnson's.

A reader explained in his comment he left here that this is a natural thing. He said that "nothing is original in the world of fashion. Every design had been done before with little different twists."

He has a point there. And another talk of pageant lovers is the gown of Miss Egypt Elham Wagdi. Many believe that gown was copied from Miss Mexico Elisa Najera's Top gown at Miss Universe 2008 in Vietnam.

Miss Egypt Elham Wagdi's long gown for Miss Universe 2009

Miss Mexico Elisa Najera Top 5 long gown at Miss Universe 2008

But if you are thinking Elisa's gown is original, you are wrong since it is also an imitation from another Ellie Saab's gown which was worn before by Halle Berry.

Ellie Saab's gown