09 August 2009

Mrs Universe 2009 Crowning Tonight

If MISS Universe 2009 is taking place in Bahamas, the MRS Universe 2009 is also ongoing on the other side of the world - in Riga, Latvia. Both pageants commenced in August 1st but Mrs Universe will now be crowning its winner tonight - August 9.

18 candidates from North and South America, Asia and Europe are vying for the title from outgoing Mrs Universe 2008 Marika Gederte of the host country who won her title in Bulgaria last year.

Among the 18 candidates, one came from South America, one from North America, two from Asia, two islands from Mediterranean and the rest are from Europe.

According to Miss Philippines Universe 1985 Joyce Ann Burton who is a good friend of the Philippine representative, Camilla Galvez, Mrs Philippines is making a splash in the pageant.

Camilla's popularity rose high when she was "invited to sing a Latvian song and the Filipino song 'Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas' at the Riga International Music Festival. As a result, photographers and reporters are chasing her and she’s all over the media."

Watch Joyce's interview with Camilla by visiting this site.

Mrs Philippines Universe 2009 Camilla Galvez singing a Latvian song. Picture is taken from www.adventuresofabeautyqueen.wordpress.com

Here is a list of the names of the 18 candidates in alphabetical order:

1. Belgium - Krista Hoeijmans
2. Brasil - Adriana Jackson
3. Bulgaria - Ana Ivanova
4. England - Jayne Taylor
5. Finland - Heidi Pölkki
6. France - Rejane KLEIN MAURER
7. Germany - Erika Krieger
8. Italy - Roberta Minischetti
9. Latvia - Evija Indriksone - Nikonorova
10. Lithuania - Vaida Ragenaite
11. Macedonia - Elena Sandeva
12. Malta - Claudianne Mifsud
13. Maltese Islands - Sally Bell
14. Philippines - Camilla Galvez
15. Russia - Iryna Zagoryiko
16. Singapore - Shalina Bte Mohamad Ismail
17. Ukraine - Diana Starkova
18. United States of America - Jennifer Cirone