08 August 2009

Racism Against Miss Turks and Caicos Jewel Selver?

Miss Turks and Caicos Jewel Selver poses with Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza of Venezuela.

Miss Turks and Caicos Jewel Selver is "loved" by many beauty pageant fans all over the world. The black beauty queen is always the subject of jokes and ridicules from insensitive people who dwell on pageant-related message boards.

Jewel may not be as sexy and beautiful as the other contestants but she definitely is in her own right. I am trying to defend her because I believe she is a sweet and genuine person. I am basing my opinions from her candid pictures I've seen in the net.

Jewel has a sweet smile and I guess that is her greatest asset. Remember, a heart of stone can be melted down in one stroke by a single sweet smile.

Rumour has it also that Jewel is complaining of racism against her and the other black candidates despite the pageant is being held in a country of predominantly black people.

Last week, there was a gossip involving two Latin American candidates who were making fun of her.

Where's the world peace advocacy now in world pageants?

Miss Turks and Caicos Jewel Selver in her swimsuit.

Miss Turks and Caicos Jewel Selver in her white long gown.